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We will be selling prosecco at the
St.Albans Gin & Prosecco Festival on Saturday 14th September 2019



The Emissary - Prosecco

After months of travelling and exploring Northern Italy, from the historic streets of Venice, up through the rolling valleys of Treviso and across the luscious foothills of the Dolomite Mountains, The Emissary discovered what he was seeking: a truly impeccable Prosecco.

​Light, dry, fine & perfectly balanced.


the emissary

Quite simply, the finest prosecco in the world.

Exclusively at our next event


The Emissary was born from a simple idea...
To discover the finest prosecco in the world.

It is the creation of founder Ed Smith who, coming from a family of entrepreneurs, spotted the absence of a clear stand-out premium brand of Prosecco on the market. Ed, like millions of others in the UK, is a huge fan of Prosecco. However, having spent a lot of time in the bars around London, he became disillusioned with the varying quality of what was on offer. When he did find a good one, it was always very hard to find elsewhere. There was no stand-out brand that offered consistent, dependable quality. So instead of continuing on this quest of trying to find one in London, he instead set out on a journey to create his own.



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